Strengthening Interconnectivity

Aether School connects our Aether Scholar and Teacher Community via Zoom

Interconnectivity is a fantastic way to interact with our scholars and instructors. This is a great way for scholars to have their personal spaces for learning. We encourage our scholars to access private rooms and personal equipment for their use.

Standard but a more accommodating class. We have a maximum of 24 students with an average of 12 students per class.


Preparing your Virtual Classroom

For our scholars to thoroughly enjoy the real-time interaction, our classes will only be accessible via desktops or laptops.

Prepare your personal computer based on the system requirements of Zoom (see

Desktop or Laptop

Desktop or Laptop with OS-supported Zoom (i.e. Mac OS 10.7, Windows 10)


Headset (recommended) or Speakers and Microphone


Broadband, Wired (recommended) or Wireless Internet Connection (3G or 4G/LTE are recommended)


Printers for printing out handout, worksheets or any other educational resources

Interdisciplinary Education

Aether School has designed a comprehensive curriculum that will test and improve our scholars’ skills in communication, integration, and analysis. Aether School also offers tools and unique approaches to solving complex issues. (see Curriculum)

Homeroom Time

Beyond the typical Homeroom activities, Aether Teachers utilizes this time for building rapport with the multinational class through fun, creative and engaging activities, as well as a platform for our scholars to share and participate in cultural and customary activities.