Real-Time and Non-Real-Time Classroom


The difference between Real-Time Classroom and Non-Real-Time Classroom is on the process of “Discussion” with other students and a teacher. Real-Time offers an online classroom through virtual classroom (zoom) with around 20 students. On the other hand, Non-Real-Time offers text-based discussion board with other students and a teacher. Please check the details below.

Real-Time Classroom

With the simplicity and effectivity of our interconnected virtual classroom through Zoom, our students will experience a vibrant learning of our weekly lessons through real-time interactive discussions and open space for our students to present opinions and ideas. Aether School champions every contribution of our students. The critical analysis of their feedbacks and of the weekly lessons are also offered by our teachers and fellow classmates. We highly feature in our classroom a conducive environment through active learning and active listening in our Real-Time Program. Our students will be assessed through their contributions in the classroom and the research and presentation materials they will submit to the teacher prior to the real-time class.

  • Real-Time Classroom with Teacher
  • Easy to Join Community
  • Much Communication with Diverse Students

Non-Real-Time Classroom

Understanding and attending the issues of logistics is our priority. In Aether School, we provide all tools our students need to partake in our inquiry-based interdisciplinary learning both inside and outside the classroom, real-time and non-real time.  Our Non-Real Time Program are for students who are learning outside of our virtual classroom. The program includes an up-to-date discussion board offered to our students. This platform will allow our students round-the-clock interactivity with both classmates and teachers for a fulfilling and holistic learning. Each unit of our program has their own discussion boards organized for the convenience of our students who wants to view all resources and interaction done in the course. Our students will be assessed through the research and presentation materials they will submit in the discussion board.

  • More Flexible Schedule
  • Text-based Discussion and Feedback
  • Real-Time Prep Study with other Students Available
  • Affordable Tuition