Partner School

Aether Partner School Program

Financial Benefit

Partner School Scholarship

Tuition Free (for only 1 student for each school)

Partner School Discount

Tuition 20% off (for all students of partner school)

Join us and be part of our aspirations for a globally diversified education.

Aether Partner School Scholarship

Aether School is dedicated to providing the best education for our scholars. We welcome the most exceptional students from our partner schools to join our classes. As a student of our partner school, one Aether scholar will have the benefit of a full-ride scholarship. Our scholarship awardee will have access to our classes for free.

Aether Specialized Class

We teach beyond the conventional lessons. Aether School recognizes our scholars’ creativity and ingenuity. To provide a holistic education, Aether School offers specialized classes that will nourish our scholar’s unique skills and experiences in different fields. Our specialized classes are designed and customized to accommodate our scholars.

Access to the diversified Aether Community

In a world that is rapidly becoming interconnected through the internet, Aether School sought out a way to bring interconnectedness into your classrooms. We are building our Aether Community to be a diverse and inclusive environment for our multinational student body to enjoy many experiences of compassionate interaction, solid teamwork, and lasting relationships.

Collaborative Partnership with Aether Partner Schools

  • Close assessment and recognition of talented scholars that will benefit from our program.
  • The diversified virtual classroom of Aether School fosters an inclusive, engaging, and holistic education experience.
  • Cooperative discussion and provision of curriculum scopes for accreditation agreement.
  • We will provide one Aether Partner School Scholarship for the most exceptional scholar recognized by both Aether School and Partner School.
  • No annual fees required to register as an Aether Partner School.

Our vibrant classroom in the Asia Pacific Time Zone

Aether School cordially invites brilliant scholars studying in countries situated at the Asia Pacific Time Zone.

Our Aether School Scholars will enjoy the diversity and inclusivity of our school champions.