About Us

Aspiring for a globalized and diversified education

The impact of globalization on education has allowed opportunities for students to integrate into a diversified society by learning cultural and traditional differences.

This progress is significant to adolescent students whose personalities and interpersonal skills are increasingly being molded by exposure through media and the internet.

A globalized and diversified education through a holistic approach is now personalized and offered by multiple elite schools.

However, the accessibility of this educational system is limited to families that are financially and logistically able to provide for outstanding individuals, particularly, to students studying in developing countries in the Asia Pacific region.

With the financial and logistical limitations, the traditional classroom setup for all the international students is not ideal.

Aether School : Online School of Diversity

Tailoring an accessible education in a holistic manner

Aether School meets these challenges by providing an online platform for our scholars to learn globally and holistically.

International Communication

This online platform concentrates on real-time interactivity with international students not only to learn knowledge but also to develop interpersonal and communication skills.


In Aether School, we champion diversity and inclusivity. We design classes that provide opportunities for our scholars to interact with students of different nationalities.

Asia Pacific

Aether School will open its doors for aspiring scholars in the Asia Pacific Time Zone (see Partner Schools).

Our Mission

Diversity and Inclusivity

We believe that providing an outstanding globalized education system requires the students to be interconnected with people of different cultures and customs. Aether School Scholars from Asia Pacific can now learn while interacting with other scholars of different nationalities in our online school.


The Aether School Online Community goes beyond the internet. We are committed to providing a holistic education to our scholars.

Our Homeroom Time is everyone’s chance to break that ice! Beyond the usual consultations, Homeroom Time is an opportunity for our scholars to share their talents!

Finest Quality Education

  • Interdisciplinary Education – Aether School curriculum integrates diverse schools of academic discipline to engage complex issues and challenges. This provides our scholars with unique perspectives and tools they can use inside and outside the classroom.
  • Specialized Classes (e.g. Technology, Design, etc.) – Aether School will provide our scholars with the chance to use their basic knowledge within our selection of specialized classes. Our classes are designed to develop transferrable skills our scholars will need for their future careers.

Accessible Tuition Fees

  • Aether School prides itself on employing instructors that have mastered their academic disciplines and have excellent personalities for teaching. The premium costs of our service provides quality teaching excellence for our scholars.
  • Aether School has organized Tuition Fee Programs that are financially flexible for our scholars. We also have the Aether School Scholarship Program that waives the full tuition fee for the most academically talented scholar of the school. We also have Part-Time and Single Course Programs which reduces our fees accordingly. (see Tuition Fees and Scholarship link)