Online School of Diversity

Aether School is an online school that provides our talented and curious scholars a globally diversified education through holistic approaches in a virtually interconnected classroom. Our education is designed for Grade 6-10 students, particularly, the internationally diverse student body learning in countries of the Asia Pacific Time Zone Region.

Scholarship Programs

Early Birds

Tuition Free (8 sheets available)

Personal Scholarship A

Tuition Free (1 sheet available)

Personal Scholarship B

Tuition 25%off(Real-Time), 50%off(Non-Real-Time) (3 sheets available)

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Our Courses

Our first course “Brain 1” is now open.

Brain 1

3 months from Feb 1st 2020

How does your brain make decisions?

This three-month course explores the themes and ideas surrounding the enigmatic brain. This course will utilize the student’s skills to be objectively critical to the scientific progressions and setbacks of neuroscience.

Recommended Grade Range : Grade 7-8

Lead by Jacob Labios

Master in Biological Sciences (2019) at the Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan